Character Creation

The following rules apply to character creation.


Primarily you should select from the High Guard career paths – but the other career paths are available if you want to take one of them prior to joining the Space Navy. However, those other careers do not benefit from the modifications listed below.
Naval College is a viable first term career, as set out in High Guard, but also does not benefit from the below modifications.

Term limit is 6 terms. Your final career term must be a Naval career. If it is not an Imperial Navy career then you are an attached Naval crew member with no formal rank in the Imperial Navy. This may have implications during the game! (Note, this is obviously not advised but can be the result of failing multiple or ill-timed Survival rolls as laid out below)

General Career Changes

The following Mustering Out benefits are replaced:

  • TAS Membership is replaced with two ship shares (same as if you had rolled TAS Membership multiple times in the standard rules).
  • You can spend up to 75% of your cash benefits on equipment.
  • Your remaining cash is not in credits: instead you have personal possessions, trinkets, and oddments that have trade value equal to the credit value.

Naval Career changes

Naval College:

College does not count as a Naval career term, and does not benefit from the other changes in this section.

Qualification roll:

Your first roll to qualify for a Navy career automatically succeeds. If the level of success matters (which I don’t believe it does for any careers) then roll as normal, and if you fail you are considered to have instead rolled the check value exactly.

Survival roll:

If you fail a Survival roll, instead of being forced out of the Navy you are instead demoted. Lose one level of rank, and change to a career that has a lower requirement for number of Naval terms served.

E.g. A demoted Pilot (must have served at least one Naval term) must choose a career with no term requirement (Crewman).
In addition, this term does not count toward your total number of Naval terms when trying to join a higher level career.

If you are to be demoted from O1, become an E2 in a career that matches the above requirements.

If you are to be demoted from E1, or there are no other careers with requirements lower than your current career, then you become an E1 Crewman in a lower level of the Navy (e.g. Imperial Navy drops to Subsector Navy).

As normal, you do not gain an advancement roll or a benefits roll for this term – furthermore it does not count toward your total number of Naval terms for career qualification.

Advancement or Commission roll:

No changes.

Mustering Out:

Muster out from your careers as normal, but after your final career you are still an active member of the Navy rather than having left.


Everyone must test for Latent Psionic Potential at the start of character creation – following the rules on page 7 & 8 of Psion.

You may choose to automatically fail this roll, but this will prevent you learning Psionic powers at any later stage of the campaign.


Psionics is legal in the Terran Expanse, and Psionic Institutes can be found on most major worlds.

Psionic Strength

Use the “Psi-heavy, hard SF campagin” variant for determining starting value: roll 2d6, minus number of terms served so far, then add your Int DM.


The Psion careers in Psion are available, and should be rolled for normally. As stated in the Psion Navy career, you must already be a Psion before the Navy will recruit you – they will not train you.

The “Integral” specialisation in the Psion Spacefarer career is not available. The Temporal Agency and Inter-Dimensional Agency careers are not available.

Psionic Institute Training

The first career after becoming a Psion must be the Dedicated Psion Agency career (Psion: page 13) which will establish basic training and Talents.

Talents / Disciplines

You may not learn any disciplines before completing the first term of the Dedicated Psion Agency career.

Penalties to learning new disciplines based on previous number of checks are replaced instead with a penalty equal to your total level of disciplines (including level 0 disciplines). Modifiers based on the discipline to be learnt remain unaffected.

  • The basic Psionic disciplines are available without modification.
  • The advanced disciplines are available under advisement only.
  • Ship Integration is not available to PCs.
  • Dimensional and Temporal Manipulation do not exist/are not known about.


Players may individually or collectively own a personal spacecraft: 200 tons or less (including small craft) with a maximum Jump-drive rating of 2.

Character Creation

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